Decade of Philanthropy

Dan_ThumbnailDear Friends of Cardinal Glennon,
It is with a grateful heart and a complete sense of awe that we share this 10-year report with our medical center staff and supporters. It has been an inspiring endeavor to look back on the incredible impact our donors have made at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center since the turn of a new century. When we review the past decade, we realize that thousands of young lives have been saved, healed and cured because so many in our community chose to care! They said "Yes!" to our faith-filled mission to treat all sick and injured children who come to us, regardless of their family's circumstances.
We have the greatest job in the world at the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation. We have the privilege to come to work every day to interact with the most giving, most caring and most dedicated donors and volunteers. Our Board of Governors, a team of dedicated community volunteers, brings a level of commitment and leadership that allows us to dream big and be bold in our strategic planning. These influential men and women see Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center as a beacon of hope. They see the fruits of their labor and the rewards of their generosity in the eyes of our NICU infants, in microscopic heart surgeries, in cutting-edge cancer care and through so many other life-saving procedures and programs.
Recently, a long-time Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation donor said, "I feel as if I'm an active part of making miracles happen." She had just learned about a new life-saving surgery in our St. Louis Fetal Care Institute - a minimally invasive procedure performed on a baby still in his mother's womb. No one could have said it any better.
We are all called to be a part of God's miracles. While we often don't know His plan for us or the path of our journeys, we do know that the next decade holds many more opportunities for our donors to step forward in faith and support Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. It is that unyielding support that allows us to seek more innovation, more growth and more ways to reveal the healing presence of God. We will see more miracles!

Dan Buck, Executive Director, Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation

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